Monday, April 16, 2012

The Delight of Seeing Saturn

I got to view Saturn through a telescope last night at Griffith Observatory. It looked like it had been cut out precisely from black paper and backlit from behind. I was astonished at the clarity of the planet and the rings. It was surreal and wonderful and it gave me an existential delight which is almost impossible to communicate with words. It made me feel like something wonderfully playful, mysterious and romantic is going on that transcends all of the suffering that we create for ourselves here on this planet. And someday, we'll all transcend that suffering and join in that mystery and delight.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Men Are More Irrational Than Women

Judging by the insanity of the world we live in, run predominantly by men, and even by my own contact with other men in my life, it seems to me that men are more irrational than women.

The idea or appearance that men are more rational comes from the fact that men think in black and white terms. But the reasons for their behavior come from irrational unconscious impulses. They justify these actions with black and white logic and reasoning after the fact that mistakenly makes them appear very rational. But it is only an appearance.

Women, who see things more in a gray area, seem irrational to men simply because they don't think or act like men. But they have a more developed sense of compassion, empathy and connection to their surroundings than men. Women act with this instinct, but are not interested in justifying their actions in the way a man would.

This is why I believe it would be much better if the world had far more women in leadership positions, where they would make good choices for society as a whole and then men would be very good at implementing those choices in a reasoned practical way. At present, we live in a hyper-masculine society that pretends to be rational and in control. Take a look at the world. It is obviously a reflection of an irrational mind hell-bent on forcing its irrational will on its surroundings in a systematic, practical fashion. The result, thus far, is very nearly, hell on Earth.

Time to let the women lead for awhile.