Friday, February 24, 2012

The Promo Bullshit Is So Thick, I Can't Get Across the Publishing Pasture

I cannot believe the promo bullshit I see by some authors. "If you like Ray Bradbury, you'll love _________." I mean, come on. Really? If I LIKE Bradbury, I'll LOVE you? Because, of course, Bradbury tried his best, but you've kicked it up a notch. Bradbury is kind of like the watered down version of you. Bradbury is but the pupil, YOU are the master.

I mean, if I would dare to make such a comparison, in my case for instance, I would turn it around: "If you LOVE Gore Vidal, you'll LIKE Robert Szeles." I would probably even add, "you MIGHT like Robert Szeles."

I understand the desperation that comes with wanting to get attention for your book (especially if you think it's decent and had that validated by outside sources). But after awhile, all the phony 5 star reviews and exaggerated praise and complete lack of perspective turn even the valid claims into so much noise.

The bullshit's so thick I can't walk through the pasture. NONE of us can, anymore. And that's bad, because ALL THE GOOD BOOKS ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!

Trying to deliver less bullshit and more good writing,
Robert Szeles
If You LOVE Gore Vidal, Terry Southern or Nicholson Baker, you MIGHT LIKE Robert Szeles.
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  1. I love this! Perhaps I should have written my review to say "If you loved "The Thin Man" then you might also enjoy "Jack and Dora Do LA." As I did feel like Jack and Dora do channel a bit of the Nick and Nora chemistry.

  2. Thanks! I think Dashiell Hammett, and The Thin Man in particular, was an influence, even if only tangentially. Well, you can always tell people that when you recommend the book. :)
    That's what one of the other reviewers actually wrote:

    "Jack and Dora are 21st century L.A.'s equivalent to Nick and Nora Charles (except they're involved in seduction, not detection). Take the witty repartee and charm of Nick and Nora, add a little more sex (okay, a lot more sex), a little less alcohol, some old world magic, and a lot of hip action (literally)."