Friday, October 19, 2012

The Problem with Public Education: Creativity and Divergent Thinking

Fascinating and insightful (and very easy to watch and understand). Especially if you have children, you should watch this. An introductory talk about the problems with our current mode of thinking with education. Far past time for a major change.

I hope things will change. It absolutely sucks to be a creative person or a divergent thinker in our society. We're treated with no respect or esteem unless we can create things that make wealth for the companies owned by the wealthy elite. I can envision a completely different society that would so transcend what we have now that it would be almost unrecognizable. A society of artists, scientists, philosophers, healers, teachers, growers, lovers, explorers (of inner and outer space). Life could be an incredible and much less lonely adventure for everyone.

So much time and resource is wasted learning how to make money for a few people to be needlessly rich and the rest to barely survive, paying for the right to inhabit a tiny piece of land or building and breathe the air owned by those same people (not to mention that so much of the profit is sustained by constant war). It is a horrible reality. I only hope to quietly create the greatest art that I can while I'm here before moving on to what is hopefully a more sublime reality. I hope it will be a better world for the children of this generation.

But the only way will be a cultural revolution of the mind, away from the old paradigm, no longer worshiping solely the analytical mode of consciousness and giving up the idea of solitary self-interest.

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