Friday, July 14, 2017

Atomic Blonde

I've been seeing the billboards around town for the upcoming movie, Atomic Blonde, which features the incredibly original image of Charlize Theron with dyed blonde hair pointing a handgun. The only word I can use to describe my emotions when I see this poster is 'disappointed.'

I mean, come on, Charlize! Did you just buy a new house? How do you justify taking a role that perpetuates this kind of Hollywood nonsense? Do you just rationalize it by saying "Someone else will take the role if I don't?" You could say that about a hooker, too. "Are you desperately hanging onto the beautiful young femme fatale image because you're getting older? It never fit you to begin with.

o the credit of the American people, attendance for these kinds of films is down in the United States. But they continue to do big box office internationally where people are still seduced by the stereotyped American image of human beings as beautiful, shallow, violence-loving folks that care little for the consequence of their actions. Stick to your guns America (not literally)! Let these kinds of films die, at least in our country. Beware: I think they're pushing the bisexuality angle to make it sound more like a progressive social statement instead of just more pornographic violence.

Charlize, you're one of the few Hollywood actresses I would have considered dating. You're a great actress who seems to have emotional depth and be a genuine person. But after seeing this poster, I'm having second thoughts. Now, whoever is reading this is thinking, 'who the heck does he think he is?' My answer is simple: I'm someone who probably wouldn't go out with Charlize Theron. Unless she had a good explanation for Atomic Blonde.

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