Saturday, March 3, 2012

Banks Now Telling You What You Should Read

I'm disturbed by the number of writers I've seen who find no objection with, or even support, Paypal's decision.

Many people are obviously missing the issue. This isn't about morality, it's about financial institutions having too much power.

These huge financial institutions have become the primary controllers of the money flow. To say they're just private institutions and they can do whatever they want: Well, NO, they can't. Financial institutions were once actually regulated so that they didn't become too big and gain too much power over the economic system and our society in general. When they reach the level these companies have, there are few realistic alternatives to using their services, unless one wants to commit business suicide. The Founding Fathers would be appalled at the size and power of these institutions.

The huge financial institutions that control (and stole) our money now want to dictate what we read. I think it's about time these financial institutions were broken apart into smaller entities.

Go to the link above and take action. Make it known that we don't want financial institutions to control what we read.

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